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Donate a Car to California or United State county at Top 10 Charities

Do you have an unwanted vehicle taking up space in your garage or driveway? Have you been thinking about selling a car but just don’t have time? The answer may be to donate your car to a charity in California. Save time and money from repairing your car, placing ads, setting up appointments for test drives and haggling over prices in selling your car. You can make your old vehicle count for something in the lives of people in California by donating your car to a worthy cause From Crescent City to Lexical, you will receive fast, free and easy pick-up of your car donation. You can donate cars, trucks, vans, RVs, boats and more. When donating a car in California, you get free pick-up of your vehicle as well as no paperwork hassle to deal with and vehicle donations are tax deductible. Donate now and make a difference in California. Vetmade Industries has a vaunted mission: To return disabled warriors to the workforce. It boasts that “93 percent of funds go directly to the cause of helping our heroes.” Well-meaning folks donated cars worth more than $2 million to Tampa-based Vetmade in 2015 – but only $91,348 made it to the charity, according to data from the California Attorney General. That’s 4.5 percent. What happened to the overwhelming bulk of that money? About $1.9 million – 95.5 percent of revenues – was spent by a company called Just Donated Inc. in Orange, which specializes in “promoting your cause and generating a steady flow of vehicle donations,” according to its online pitch.

Vehicle donations are one of the most costly ways to give in all of philanthropy, those in the industry say. They’re complicated and time-intensive, often requiring extensive advertising, expensive towing, mechanical repairs, storage, paperwork and eventual sales of what are often clunkers. The charities usually don’t have to do anything at all, leaving all the work to the (usually) for-profit middlemen. All that costs a lot of money. But, as we’ll show you, some charities get a lot more out of it than others.

Donate Car for Tax Credit

We make it simple to donate:

Choose a charity that you feel passionate about Get free towing of your car from work or home No hassle with the paperwork, we take care of that for you Receive a vehicle donation receipt and be eligible for a tax deduction Think how nice it will be to save the time and hassle of selling your car and also the benefit of having it removed from Donate Car for Tax Credit your property at no cost to you. It’s easy to make a positive difference while also saving time and hassle. We accept nearly every kind of car, van, truck, boat, trailer, ATV or RV. You can get rid of your vehicle while supporting a worthy charity. Begin today by choosing a non-profit organization below and filling out our simple online form. For questions, call us at 1-800-237-15424. Donate a vehicle now and help those in need.@2

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