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Introduction to ICICI Bank Personal Loan
Multi-purpose loan
Fixed rate of Interest, Interest charged on monthly reducing basis
Flexible tenures up to 60 months
No security, no collateral
Loan payable in easy installments
Repayment through Auto-debit / ECS / PDC

End use of the ICICI Bank Personal Loan can be House renovation, Holidays, Purchase of consumer durables, Education, Marriage, Short Term loan for equipment purchase, Short Term Working Capital, Any other personal emergency.

Personal Loans: When expenses arise, like buying your first smartphone, your dream vehicle, your child's marriage, furnishing your home, higher education for your children or a family holiday, simply knock our doors and let us help you turn your dreams into reality. With Fullerton Indias range of Personal loans, meet all sorts of financial needs without worrying about keeping any collateral or property. Our range of personal loans are simple and flexible, designed with your changing needs in mind. Follow a few simple steps to help our team understand your requirements. You can now get instant eApproval for your Personal Loans. Just click here and provide few details.@4

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