How do I get an easy guide to win bets on the SATTA MATKA? Is there any reliable SATTA MATKA site?

Satta Lotteries of any sort collect small sums of money from large numbers of people, spend some of it on advertising, some of it on other expenses, and some of it on profits for the organizers. The money is then, either fairly or in a rigged manner, distributed to a few winners. In some African countries, the wife of the president is a good bet to win the lottery, but often enough, just anybody can win.

But almost everybody loses. Unless the lottery is rigged and you’re the one rigging it, there’s very rarely any way to improve your chances.

There have been a few exceptions. A lottery in New Hampshire had some funny rules increasing payouts to tickets bought in stores that had seen a lot of tickets sold. Somebody found a way to get a bunch of their friends to buy tickets there, and the “extra payout” rule boosted their odds and for a while, they were able to turn a profit.

Lotteries figured out that such rules allow them to be gamed, and they changed the rules. You cannot expect to win at the lottery.

What happens to most people is that they buy a ticket, and daydream, and go their whole life just a bit poorer than they might have been, compensated by their daydreams, perhaps. What happens to all too many people is that they get their hopes up, they buy a lot of tickets, and maybe once in a while they win a small prize but taken all in all they go their whole life quite a bit poorer than they might have been, and bitter and disappointed most of the time.

What happens to next to nobody is that they win, they don’t let their winnings go to their head, and they end up happy and prosperous. Winners, as often as not, find that the sudden money messes with their heads. Or that “friends” cheat them out of it, or even just demand a share OR ELSE.

Don’t play the lottery. It is a tax on gullibility.